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    • No Down Payment
    • Warranty Deed in Six Months
    • Immediate Possession
    • Fixed-rate, 9% Interest for 15 years
    • No Pre-payment Penalty
    • No Closing Costs, No Hidden Fees
    • No-one Denied (at least once)
    • 15% Discount for Cash Purchases
We own all of our properties free and clear.

Our Featured Properties For Sale


Whiteoak Shores Parcel D

2.6-acre tract of oaks and cedars above Bull Shoals Lake in western Ozark County. There’s…
    $27,900 / $
  • 282.98
  • per mo.
    <span title="" class="icon building-size">2.60 acress

Clearwater Mountain Parcel X

Easy access on a county-maintained road on a level to southern slope.
    $Sold / $
  • 211.98
  • per mo.
    <span title="" class="icon building-size">2.40 acress

Jacks Fork Farmsteads Parcel W

Both a small, year-round stream, and lots of frontage on a high ridge road that…
    $35,640 / $
  • 370.61
  • per mo.
    <span title="" class="icon building-size">6.09 acress

Jacks Fork Farmsteads Parcel BB

The south side of Parcel BB, where you enter the property, is composed of high,…
    $38,340 / $
  • 388.87
  • per mo.
    <span title="" class="icon building-size">6.39 acress

Christina’s Cove Parcel I

Christina's Cove Parcel I has three different water features for you to appreciate. First, it's…
    $37,900 / $
  • 384.41
  • per mo.
    <span title="" class="icon building-size">4.80 acress

Jones Point Parcel E

This parcel fronts on a sort-of county-maintained road. That is, we built this road to…
    $29,900 / $
  • 303.27
  • per mo.
    <span title="" class="icon building-size">3.32 acress