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You're pre-approved for 100% owner financing on any property listed below.

  • No Down Payment
  • Warranty Deed in Six Months
  • Immediate Possession
  • Fixed-rate, 9% Interest for 15 years
  • No Pre-payment Penalty
  • No Closing Costs, No Hidden Fees
  • No-one Denied (at least once)
  • 15% Discount for Cash Purchases
We own all of our properties free and clear.

Our Featured Properties For Sale


Jacks Fork Farmsteads Parcel Y

Pasture Parcel with Creek Frontage
    $Sold / $
  • 546.69
  • per mo.
    5.94 acres

Ozark Divide Parcel V

Cleared and leveled home site hidden deep in the woods…
    $49,900 / $
  • 506.12
  • per mo.
    6.25 acres

Ozark Divide Parcel S

Two-wheel-drive friendly off-grid parcel with big hardwood forest.
    $41,900 / $
  • 424.98
  • per mo.
    5.27 acres

Ozark Divide Parcel Q

Mature forest with good access and cleared, leveled home site.
    $Sold / $
  • 424.98
  • per mo.
    5.27 acres

Jacks Fork Farmsteads Parcel X

Level Hay Meadow with Spring and Creek
    $75,900 / $
  • 769.83
  • per mo.
    8.41 acres

Clearwater Mountain Parcel W

Small parcel of oaks and pines above State Park and…
    $25,900 / $
  • 262.70
  • per mo.
    2.70 acres
Want to Learn More About Land?

Land is a lot more than just something convenient to stand on. LandBook clearly explains the fundamentals of rural land ownership; the things everyone should know before buying, owning, or managing their own country property. Think of it as an owner’s manual for your land written by one of the world’s foremost experts in the field.

Table of Contents

• Choosing Land
• The Basics of Purchasing Land
• How to Buy Land Very Cheaply
• Buying Land at a Tax Auction
• How to “Survey” Your Own Land
• Building and Maintaining Roads
• Clearing Land
• Prescribed Burning
• Native Flora and Fauna
• Drilling a Well
• Pond Construction
• Rural Fencing
• How to Read Legal Descriptions
• How to Save a Bundle on Loan Interest
• Foreclosure—Both Sides
• Sell Your Land Yourself & Move on With Your Life


Lavishly illustrated with dozens of full-color photographs, illustrations, and maps this Second Edition is now on sale in paperback or ebook.

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