Chalk Ridge Parcel A

  • 5.53 acres
  • Camden County, Missouri
  • $Sold / $
  • 185.10
  • per month

Property Details

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Chalk Ridge Parcel A

  • Poor Access
  • Down Payment Required
  • Reduced $7,500 From 2016 Price

If you’re familiar with our company, as long-time subscribers to our newsletter are by now, then you’ve probably noticed that there are two things we (almost) never do: we don’t sell properties with buildings and we don’t sell properties that need to be cleaned up.

In the case of Chalk Ridge Parcel A, we’re going to fudge a little bit on both of these resolutions because we’re looking for just the right customer.

We sold this parcel back in 2016 for $26,500. Today, we’re going to offer it to just the right customer for $19,000 for a fully-surveyed 5.53 acres.

Here’s why: the property has developed a rather unfortunate building that we’ll call a hunter’s cabin for lack of a more derogatory term. This wonderfully remote (and previously clean) forest also now features quite a bit of used lumber and other (mostly combustible) junk that someone with a very vivid imagination—and an extremely poor estimation of their own capabilities—hauled out to the property in the anticipation of cheerfully constructing other worthless structures in some rosy, distant future.

This is a very remote property in the Lake of the Ozarks area. Once you leave pavement, it’s 2-1/2 miles back to the parcel, and that trip will take you about 20 minutes. It’s also a couple of hours’ drive away from any of our homes, so cleaning up stuff like the above-mentioned detritus is quite a pain for us.

It’s important to us that we don’t market a despoiled property such as this without cleaning it up, because:

A. We can get more money for it;
B. We prefer to think that our operations don’t sully the environment;
C. While such a parcel has appeal to anyone who appreciates nature and seclusion, junk (such as that which is contained on this parcel of land) has a bizarre attraction to those who treasure trash, and those misguided individuals tend to bring yet more trash to the property. Further, a large percentage of these folks are not very good at making regular monthly payments, so we know that there’s a very good chance we’ll be taking the property back sometime in the future in an even worse condition.

We know, however, that it doesn’t have to be this way. If we sell it to the right customer, they can enjoy a bargain and all the peace, solitude, and virus-free cleanliness that you’d expect way out in the middle of the woods.

So here’s how we’re going to attempt to winnow out the right customer for this property; see if it sounds like you:

First, we’re going to drop the price by a hefty $7,500 as I said earlier.

Second, we’re going to require a small down payment; we’ve settled on $750.

Third, we’re going to ask you to send us a screenshot (from Credit Karma or the like) showing a credit score of at least “Good” (690).

Fourth, we ask you to send us a copy of your title to a 4-wheel-drive vehicle manufactured in this century.

To summarize, in order to purchase this property for $19,000 on monthly payments of $185.10 you need:
1) $750 up front;
2) Screenshot of your credit score;
3) Copy of your 4WD vehicle title.

Also, our standard contract requires a copy of your driver’s license.

For those of you NOT familiar with our company, this is a one-time offer of a single property. All the rest of our properties are available to anyone, with no down payment.

Sound like something you could do?
  • 5.53 acres surveyed and staked

Legal Description
  • CHALK RIDGE PARCEL A: as shown as Tract A on the plat map recorded in the Office of Camden County Recorder, Camdenton, Mo at Book 110, Page 38

  • We will pass Fee Simple Title to the purchaser conveying 100% of the ownership of the property including all timber, mineral and water rights.  We own this property free and clear of all tax liens, judgments mortgages or other encumbrances.  As purchaser, you are not assuming any existing liens.  We will record a Warranty Deed to the property in your name after you have made six monthly payments.

    • Access is by a 2.3-mile route which leaves pavement at Warbonnet Road, then turns onto Minx Valley road, crosses Chalk Creek and eventually arrives at the parcel. This road is maintained by individuals of the neighborhood and the closer you get to the property the more maintenance you'll have to do yourself. You will, without question, need a four-wheel-drive to access this property in all weather.

    This property is off-grid. No utilities extend to the property. You can get cell phone service there and, while there is an electric line less than half a mile to the west, there is no reason to assume that the owners of that property would grant you an easement. You will need to drill a well or provide a cistern for water and given these other things mentioned, using an outhouse for septic would be the most practical.
  • Water:
    • We do not supply water or water systems to any of these properties.  Purchasers of these parcels need to arrange to drill their own private water well. For information on drilling procedures you should contact local well drillers which are listed in the yellow pages of local phone books or we will recommend some to you. Current prices charged by local well drillers run around $8 per foot to drill and $9-13 per foot to install a 6-inch casing. Missouri law requires a minimum of 80 feet of casing in all locations and more in some. The estimated cost of a complete well, casing and pump system in this area is $7,500. Permits are not required to drill water wells for single family dwellings; however you are required to hire a state-licensed well driller.
  • Electric:
    • Electricity comes from SOUTHWEST ELECTRIC COOPERATIVE P.O. Box 150, Bolivar, Mo. 65613.
  • Telephone and Internet:
  • Septic:
    • We do not provide any means of sewage disposal for these properties. Being in a rural area, the most common methods of sewage disposal are by individual on-site septic tanks and composting toilets.
    • The Missouri Department of Natural Resources has given general approval for this usage of this site for individual sewage treatment systems.
    • In-ground septic systems must be constructed in accordance with County and State standards, and you must obtain permission from the Camden County Health Department to install a septic tank. The average cost of a septic tank and drain field is approximately $3500. Composting toilets are available for from under $1,000 to more than $3,000 according to your tastes.
  • Garbage Disposal:
    • Open dumping is illegal in the state of Missouri. Before occupying the property, you must make arrangements with a State-approved garbage collection company
  • Gas:
    • Propane gas is available from local dealers.
  • Mail Delivery:
    • Mail is delivered to Chalk Ridge on Warbonnet Rd..  To establish a mailbox there, contact the postmaster at the Camdenton Post Office.

Deed Restrictions:

These five restrictions apply to all of our older locations.

  1. No buildings shall be constructed closer than 100 ft. from a roadway or 30 ft. from a boundary. (This may be adjusted in certain locations.)

    Explanation: buildings placed closer can cause situations that interfere with road maintenance and utility transmission.

  2. No refuse, debris, unused building materials nor derelict vehicles shall be allowed to collect on the premises.

    Explanation: piles of junk are not only unsightly, but tend to spread to adjoining vacant parcels. Dead cars and junk make it harder for us to sell adjacent properties, or for you to sell yours.

  3. You may keep whatever livestock or pets you wish so long as they are not allowed to create a nuisance to neighboring landowners.

    Explanation: this probably means that if you want to keep pigs in the most common fashion, you need a parcel of at least 5 acres with a back corner located away from anyone else's home. Lots of barking dogs may also cause you problems depending on the size of your parcel and how you locate your facilities.

  4. No parcel shall be further subdivided.

    Explanation: you may build more than one residence on a single parcel, but you may not deed away a part of the parcel to someone else.

  5. All wastewater treatment facilities shall be constructed in accordance with applicable state water quality standards.

    Explanation: if you plan to construct an in-ground septic system, it must meet state standards. We find that the typical state-approved septic system will cost upwards of $3,000 for labor and materials. Additionally, the state says that any septic system on less than three acres be built to Missouri Department of Natural Resources specifications. Parcels of 5 acres or greater are virtually unrestricted. Since they do not endanger the ground-water, composting toilets are not restricted.

  • $100 (estimate)

Building codes and/or permits:
  • Camden County does require building permits. Contact the Camden County Planning and Zoning Department. The County Health Department must approve your septic system.
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Disclaimer: These directions are accurate to the best of our knowledge but cannot be guaranteed. Visit this property at your own risk, we are not responsible for accidents.

From Camdenton, take Highway 5 north out of town and across the lake about 9 miles to where Highway 7 turns left or west. Take Highway 7 approx. 6 miles to Lake Road 7-9 which is adjacent to a small country store. From there, you go about 7/10 mile to Warbonnet Road on the left (west), you are now 2.56 miles from the property. Proceed to Minx Valley Road and turn left. At the bottom of the hill, you turn to the right. In 2/10ths mile, go through an open gate (we have a recorded easement). In 7/10ths mile, after crossing a small stream take the right-angle left turn that goes sharply uphill. When you get to an intersection with a turn-around circle, take the right fork, straight ahead to the end of the road. You turn off of paved road 7-9 here at Warbonnet Road, which you take to... Minx Valley Road where you turn left and keep driving. This rutted clay road takes you down into the valley where you turn right at the bottom. Driving along the bottom land. Go through this gate, we have a recorded easement for eternity. This WAS supposed to be a joke. Ignore. This is the crossing of Chalk Creek. Time to put it into 4WD. Look for this left turn next... which will take you up a steep hill where you'll bear right and follow the ridge until you come to... This fork. Go right here. If I were you, I'd print out each of these photos, in order before you attempt to find the parcel.

Questions about the property? Email:
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  • House
  • 185.10 Bedrooms
  • 19000 Bathrooms
  • 5.53 acres