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Property Boundries

At Properties purchased after March 1997, including Hawthorne Bend, Jones Point, Clearwater Mountain, Zach's Mountain, Dysfunctional Pines and Jacks Fork Farmsteads, each parcel of every property has been professionally surveyed, all corners marked, and the Survey Plat recorded at the appropriate county courthouse. 

At our older locations, we have divided parcels by what is known as Government Rectangle Survey. When we have one of those parcels for sale, We mark the front corners of each parcel for our own use in identifying and measuring acreage, but we are not surveyors and these markings do not represent registered land surveys. As with any real estate, you should employ a registered land surveyor before locating any major construction or other improvement on your parcel. Also, we sometimes offer parcels from this group that have been individually surveyed and is so we will designate these.

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