Zach's Mountain Deed Restrictions

  1. This Property, if occupied, shall not be used for other than private, single family residential purposes. No more than one dwelling may be constructed on any parcel.  No commercial or business activities are allowed that require signage larger than 2 square feet in area, such as 1 foot by 2 feet or 6 inches by four feet.
    This means that your neighbor can't build an apartment house or operate a go-kart track next door to your peaceful haven.

  2. All homes constructed on the Property shall be complete on their exterior within 180 days after foundation construction is begun.  Homes shall be of not less than 1,000 square feet in living area permanently attached to an adequate concrete foundation consisting of poured concrete or mortared concrete block placed in any combination of beams, piers, pilings and/or footings which supports the dwelling sufficiently that no settling greater than one inch in forty lineal feet shall occur. Mobile homes are not permitted.
    This means that you can build any sort of dwelling that you want, be it geodesic dome, yurt, antebellum mansion, log cabin or tudor cottage, so long as it's permanent, and at least the size of a small two-bedroom home. Modular homes are permitted.  It also means that your neighbor can't live in a school-bus, mobile home or portable building.

  3. Camping for more than 21 days in a twelve-month period is not permitted.  Camping equipment or travel trailers may not be left on the property between uses unless kept within a closed building or otherwise covered.
    This means that your neighbor can't live in a tent affecting your property with his wind-blown trash, campfire smoke, screaming kids or raw sewage.

  4. No construction, other than fencing, shall take place within the boundaries of building setbacks and utility easements as defined in the Official Plat of Zach’s Mountain. No flags, banners or signs other than signs to identify the owner and or address of the parcel, or signs advertising the parcel for sale, are permitted between the building setbacks and the road.  Fences must not encroach upon the road easements.
    This means that your neighbor can't stop the road from being maintained, or traveled, nor can he keep you from getting electricity into your parcel.  He also can't fly his 15-foot Confederate flag or post billboard-sized signs detailing his position in his last argument with you.

  5. No parcel of the Property as the same shall appear on the Official Plat of Zach’s Mountain as recorded at Cabinet A, Page 119, Ozark County Recorder ’s Office, Gainesville, Missouri, may be sub-divided.
    This means that your neighbor can't turn his parcel into a pet cemetery or small town, nor can he sell it off in tiny squares to 400 people.

  6. Waste materials must be kept in closed containers at all times.  Parcels must be kept free of refuse, debris, and rubbish.  No derelict vehicles may be kept on any parcel unless kept in an enclosed garage.  Derelict vehicles are defined as those which EITHER do not run, or are not licensed.
    This means that your neighbor can't use his parcel as a place to strip cars or to run a junk yard, and he can't dump trash from his landscaping business there just because they charge to do that at the land-fill. It means that as an absentee owner, he can't use his parcel to (improperly) store metal roofing, insulation or other building materials that will blow across onto your parcel in heavy winds.

  7. Any animals kept on this property shall be maintained in such a manner that they do not present a nuisance to owners of neighboring parcels.  Kennels greater than five dogs and feedlots are not permitted.
    This means that your neighbor can't get mad at you and locate a dozen hog houses on the boundary with your parcel.  He needs your approval to raise rattlesnakes or timber wolves.

  8. All wastewater treatment facilities must be constructed in accordance with all federal, state and local standards.
    This means that your neighbor can't allow raw sewage to run from his parcel onto yours.  It does not mean you can't have a composting toilet or outhouse if you please.

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