What's up with that?

I saw this property for sale here six months ago and now it's for sale again today. What's up with that?

We will sell property to, and finance, absolutely anyone 18 years or older... at least once. We don't do any credit checks at all. (Although we do need your social security number for the IRS because they're a little more detail-oriented than we are.) It's always been our philosophy that, unlike someone who sells you a car, we're not taking a big financial risk since you're not likely to drive your five acres into a tree, then fail to make the payments.

We've found to our pleasure that, even if someone's just taken bankruptcy, they may very well be responsible in their subsequent debts. Naturally, we've also found that, to no-one's great surprise, lots of people with bad credit have bad credit for a reason: they don't pay their bills.

If someone falls in the first category, then we get a warm, fuzzy feeling all over when we're able to help them achieve their dreams and make a few bucks for ourselves in the process.

If someone falls in the second category, then we tend to give them a standard amount of time to come current, then we repossess the property.

In this latter case, we put the property back on the market as quickly as possible because, when you don't ask for a down payment, time is, literally, money.

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