Most of the electric co-ops in our region will extend a line to you if you have a water source ( that is, a well) and have started a permanent foundation or something similar to this.

If you don't meet these requirements, but want to run an electric line out into the woods so the squirrels can read at night, or for a longer distance, they'll charge you a standard fee which some companies will amortize out of your future payments.  

See our list of local electric co-ops at the bottom of this page..


Telephone and internet service at all our locations is provided by Centurylink. www.Centurylink.com
Centurylink provides dial-up and some broadband internet service. If they do not serve your area with broadband, satellite service is available through Hughes.net


Unless someone has occupied your property before you, you will need to be assigned a rural mailing address (box number). To get this, apply at the U.S. Post Office serving your property.


Propane Gas is available to all parts of this area and the gas companies will be more than happy to lease you a tank and sell you all you'll ever want. Look for Gas Companies in the local Yellow Pages.


You will be required to provide sewage disposal for your property by way of a septic tank, sewage lagoon, composting toilet system or outhouse.

The State of Missouri says that any septic system on less than three acres be built to Missouri Department of Natural Resources specifications. You can get information on these by speaking to the Health Department in your respective County Seat.

Parcels of 5 acres or greater are virtually unrestricted as to septic system types. Since they do not endanger the ground-water, composting toilets and outhouses are not restricted and thus are permitted at all locations.

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