No Fault Exchange

Frankly, the best way to buy land is to come to the Ozarks and pick what you like the best.

However, for whatever reasons, many of our clients purchase their land months, or even years before ever coming to the Ozarks to see it.

Since our business with you will go on for years rather than end on the day you buy your property, it is of the utmost concern to us that you are happy and your needs are very well satisfied.

Toward this end, we make a guarantee that, to our knowledge, is unprecedented: if you buy a property from those we offer, and later your plans change, your tastes change, you realize you misunderstood a detail, or for any reason whatsoever you desire, we'll trade your property, or your equity in it if money is still owing, dollar for dollar, on any parcel or parcels we offer for sale at that time. As of this writing, that would give you a choice of lands from our growing inventory of several hundred acres of forests and fields scattered over Missouri and Arkansas. You may trade your equity in one parcel for an equal dollar amount in two parcels, but you may not trade equity in two parcels for equity in one. Also, if you have two contracts with us, you may not transfer the equity in one to the other.

Having said that, we would like to emphasize that this policy was initiated to insure that you wind up with a piece of property that best meets your needs and desires, and not as a vehicle to satisfy whimsy. While we have had clients who traded as many as seven times, we only guarantee to make this arrangement with you once during the life of your purchase and, in the event that you have not yet personally inspected both properties, we make the stipulation that the destination parcel(s) must have been on the market for at least one week.

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