Visiting and Moving to the Property

Moving to your property

Before taking up residence on your parcel you MUST:

1. Sign up with a local trash collector. Keep the receipt. Trash must not be allowed to collect on the property.

2. Provide an adequate, legal septic treatment. This can be a composting toilet or outhouse of approved construction. Septic tanks must be approved by the County Health Dept.

3. Let us know when you arrive, and update your contact information with us.


Visiting your property

We hope you'll visit your property often, and enjoy yourself to the fullest extent when you do.  Toward that end, we have compiled a list of things that we've seen other people do that you really want to avoid.

Do NOT expect to fly into Springfield or St. Louis and be able to take a taxi to your parcel. First of all, this will cost you a small fortune. Besides, these are rural properties and we cannot give you an address that a cab driver could find. Bring a map and driving directions both of which can be found on this website. A cell phone is also a great idea.

Do NOT start a campfire. We have seen "dead" campfires come back to life as much as 36 hours after the camper has left the site, just because a small breeze came up. The forest floor of your wooded property is covered with dead leaves, mosses and twigs, and is VERY combustible.

Do NOT cut trees on your property during short visits. This may be a violation of your contract unless you're clearing to build, and besides, it takes a hundred years of so to produce a mature oak. Don't be so hasty to get rid of it, your grandchildren may not live to see it replaced.

Do NOT leave trash, even buried, behind when you leave; animals will dig it up. Bring garbage bags with you, use them, and take them with you when you go home.

Do NOT come camping with regular luggage. You will want to camp on the most level, softest spot, and this may very well be a few hundred yards from the road. A backpack is best, otherwise use several small, lightweight bags that will be easy to carry through the woods. Wheeled airline-type luggage will NOT roll through the woods.

Do NOT expect to drive your car, trailer or motor-home onto your parcel. This is not the desert southwest. Not only is your property likely to be covered with timber, but there will most likely be a ditch alongside the access road to handle rainwater run-off. If you don't have a driveway into the parcel, you may need to park your trailer or motor-home at a commercial camp-ground.

Do NOT expect the weather here to be the same as where you come from. Watch our local weather on The Weather Channel or for a few days before you arrive.

Do NOT build, drill a well, or make any permanent changes to your parcel unless and until it has been surveyed and you are familiar with your boundaries. Not only do you risk losing your money and effort, but you may be liable to your neighbor for what you do on his parcel.
DO enjoy yourself and don't try to accomplish very much. Make this a vacation. Just getting a feeling for the place and learning your way around is best for now, then you can make more concrete plans at home.

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