Zach's Mountain Parcel 1



4.63 acres - $26,900

Monthly Payment: $272.84

People are always asking me, "Neil, how can I make myself healthier, happier, and at one with the natural universe for under $300 per month?"

Well, I'm really glad I asked me that, because by a remarkable coincidence, the answer is,
Zach's Mountain Parcel 1, which offers about as much privacy and seclusion as any sentient being could expect to find only four miles out of town, it's at the end of the road, and backs up against large acreages of uninhabited forest land.

"Town" in this case is Gainesville, Missouri, the County Seat of Ozark County, as pretty and friendly a little burg as exists in modern times. Not only that, but Norfork Lake is only 14 miles away and Bull Shoals a mere 20.

That's what's located around the property, but there's every reason why you'll want to never leave home if you move here: the front half of the parcel is flat as a table-top, making construction and gardening about as easy as you could ask for, and the back half of the property is a long slope that affords a long view to the north as well as a lifetime supply of firewood.

And speaking of lifetimes, if you're living someplace in a big, hot, stinky city, moving here would be bound to be the best thing you could do for your blood pressure, for your mental health, and for that person you always wanted to be.

Maybe in the past, that person had problems coming up with a staggeringly huge down payment for land, but here's your chance to make a break from so-called civilization while we finance you 100%. We're not brokers, we own this property ourselves, free and clear, so not only can we finance you, but we'll give you title to the property after only six months of timely payments, so you can be healthier, happier, and still have a few bucks left over at the end of the month.





















  • 4.63 acres fully surveyed

Legal Description:

  • Zach's Mountain Tract 1: as shown on the Official Plat of Zach's Mountain recorded in the office of Ozark County Recorder, Gainesville, Mo at Cabinet A, Page 119. Section 34, Township 23, Range 14.


  • We will pass Fee Simple Title to the purchaser conveying 100% of the ownership of the property including all timber, mineral and water rights. 
    We own this property free and clear of all tax liens, judgments mortgages or other encumbrances.  As purchaser, you are not assuming any existing liens.  We will record a Warranty Deed to the property in your name after you have made six monthly payments.


  • Access is by private roads built to county standards off of Ozark County Road 5-803-D. Easements have been recorded for the road systems which are described as 40-foot-wide rights-of-way for access. Interior roads are cleared 40 feet in width with approximately 20 feet of wearing surface comprising 2 driving lanes. We will be responsible for your share of the maintenance costs of these roads until January 1, 2021 or acceptance by the Ozark County Commission.


  • Water:
    • We do not supply water or water systems to any of these properties.  Purchasers of these parcels need to arrange to drill their own private water well.  For information on drilling procedures you should contact local well drillers which are listed in the yellow pages of local phone books or we will recommend some to you.  Current prices charged by local well drillers run around $8 per foot to drill and $9-13 per foot to install a 6 inch casing.  Missouri law requires a minimum of 80 feet of casing in all locations and more in some.  The estimated cost of a complete well, casing and pump system in this area is $7,500.  Permits are not required to drill water wells for single family dwellings; however you are required to hire a state-licensed well driller.

  • Electric:
    • Electric service for Zach's Mountain comes from
      White River Valley Electric Cooperative, 
      Gainesville, MO 65655
      {417) 335-9333.
      Easements have already been obtained, landowners. Having service extended to Parcel 1 would cost about $1200 today, less if other landowners establish electricity first.

  • Telephone and Internet:
  • Septic:
    • We do not provide any means of sewage disposal for these properties. Being in a rural area, the most common methods of sewage disposal are by individual on-site septic tanks, however composting toilets and out-houses are permitted.

    • The Missouri Department of Natural Resources has given general approval for this usage of this site for individual sewage treatment systems.

    • Septic systems must be constructed in accordance with County and State standards, and you must obtain permission from the 304 Third Street P.O. Box 180 Gainesville, Mo 65655 417-679-3334 to install a septic tank. The average cost of a septic tank and drain field is $3500.

  • Gas:
    • Propane gas is available from local dealers.

  • Mail Delivery
    • Mail is delivered to Zach's Mountain on County Rd 803A. To establish a mailbox there, contact the postmaster at the Gainesville Post Office.

Deed Restrictions:

Zach's Mountain Restrictive Covenants

  1. (This Property, if occupied, shall not be used for other than private, single family residential purposes. No more than one dwelling may be constructed on any parcel. No commercial or business activities are allowed that require signage larger than 2 square feet in area, such as 1 foot by 2 feet or 6 inches by four feet.


    This means that your neighbor can't build an apartment house or operate a go-kart track next door to your peaceful haven.

  2. All homes constructed on the Property shall be complete on their exterior within 180 days after foundation construction is begun. Homes shall be of not less than 1,000 square feet in living area permanently attached to an adequate concrete foundation consisting of poured concrete or mortared concrete block placed in any combination of beams, piers, pilings and/or footings which supports the dwelling sufficiently that no settling greater than one inch in forty lineal feet shall occur. Mobile homes are not permitted.


    This means that you can build any sort of dwelling that you want, be it geodesic dome, yurt, antebellum mansion, log cabin or tudor cottage, so long as it's permanent, and at least the size of a small two-bedroom home. Modular homes are permitted. It also means that your neighbor can't live in a school-bus, mobile home or portable building.

  3. Camping for more than 21 days in a twelve-month period is not permitted. Camping equipment or travel trailers may not be left on the property between uses unless kept within a closed building or otherwise covered.


    This means that your neighbor can't live in a tent affecting your property with his wind-blown trash, campfire smoke, screaming kids or raw sewage.

  4. No construction, other than fencing, shall take place within the boundaries of building setbacks and utility easements as defined in the Official Plat of Zach’s Mountain. No flags, banners or signs other than signs to identify the owner and or address of the parcel, or signs advertising the parcel for sale, are permitted between the building setbacks and the road. Fences must not encroach upon the road easements.


    This means that your neighbor can't stop the road from being maintained, or traveled, nor can he keep you from getting electricity into your parcel. He also can't fly his 15-foot Confederate flag or post billboard-sized signs detailing his position in his last argument with you.

  5. No parcel of the Property as the same shall appear on the Official Plat of Zach’s Mountain as recorded at Cabinet A, Page 119, Ozark County Recorder’s Office, Gainesville, Missouri, may be sub-divided.


    This means that your neighbor can't turn his parcel into a pet cemetery or small town, nor can he sell it off in tiny squares to 400 people.

  6. Waste materials must be kept in closed containers at all times. Parcels must be kept free of refuse, debris, and rubbish. No derelict vehicles may be kept on any parcel unless kept in an enclosed garage. Derelict vehicles are defined as those which EITHER do not run, or are not licensed.


    This means that your neighbor can't use his parcel as a place to strip cars or to run a junk yard, and he can't dump trash from his landscaping business there just because they charge to do that at the land-fill. It means that as an absentee owner, he can't use his parcel to (improperly) store metal roofing, insulation or other building materials that will blow across onto your parcel in heavy winds.

  7. Any animals kept on this property shall be maintained in such a manner that they do not present a nuisance to owners of neighboring parcels. Kennels greater than five dogs and feedlots are not permitted.


    This means that your neighbor can't get mad at you and locate a dozen hog houses on the boundary with your parcel. He needs your approval to raise rattlesnakes or timber wolves.

  8. All wastewater treatment facilities must be constructed in accordance with all federal, state and local standards.


    This means that your neighbor can't allow raw sewage to run from his parcel onto yours. It doesnot mean you can't have a composting toilet or outhouse if you please.


  • $150.00 (estimate)

Building Codes/Permits:

  • Ozark County does not issue building permits and no building codes are in effect. The County Health Department must approve your septic system.


Driving Directions to Locate Zach's Mountian Parcel 1:

From Gainesville take Highway 5 north about 1.9 miles to Road 803 , where you turn left. Follow 803 (shown in the photo above) for about half a mile, to the top of the hill and take the gravel county road 803A to the left. Two miles later, take 803D to the left and the next left turn immediately thereafter. When you cross the bridge at the bottom of the hill, you're at Zach's Mountain.

GPS Co-ordinates to the parcel:
Lat. 36.630562°
 Lon. -92.483582°

Disclaimer: These directions are accurate to the best of our knowledge but cannot be guaranteed. Visit this property at your own risk, we are not responsible for accidents.


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4.63 acres - $26,900

Monthly Payment: $272.84


  • No Down Payment.  Just make the first monthly payment and we'll have a contract package on it's way to you.
  • You get a Warranty Deed to the property after six months' timely payments.
  • 9% simple interest: 180 months to pay.
  • No penalty for pre-payment in any amount, at any time.
  • 15% discount for cash.

Initial and subsequent payments may be made online by credit / debit card, or by mail. *

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