Jacks Fork Farmsteads Parcel X



8.41 acres - $55,900

Monthly Payment - $566.98

Jacks Fork Farmsteads Parcel X is 8.41 professionally-surveyed acres.  It’s about 10 miles from town and about a quarter-mile from a paved road.  But that’s just the basics.  This gorgeous parcel has over 1,000 feet of the Schull Branch, a sizable, year-round stream running right through the property.  The buyer gets both sides of the creek. 

Not only that, but It has a natural spring, also year-round, and full of tasty, beautiful watercress.

It has a little hidden meadow big enough for either a small pasture, or an enormous garden, or perhaps a little bit of both.

And finally, what isn’t meadow is big woods of the kind you find in moist bottom ground, not the scrawny post oaks and black-jacks you find on dry, south slopes, but big nut-trees you can’t get your arms around (I’ll bet).

And of course, when you combine all of these things at once, they’re beautiful in all seasons.  The parcel is well-protected from the northwest winds of winter, and shady and cool enough to match the hottest days of summer.






JF Xmap




ABOVE: This photo was taken standing on the greenspace on the east side of Parcel X.  Having been taken in winter, it gives you a pretty good idea of the whole parcel.  Directly in the foreground is the circular meadow, well-hidden from the rest of the world, and to its right you see the creek.  The hill in the background is Parcel W, and if you can make out a small, almost horizontal, whiteish line in the distant left, that’s the access road on the other side of the parcel.


ABOVE:  Here’s the spring at its source, smothered in crisp, tasty watercress.



ABOVE: The spring pools at the base of the hill for about a hundred feet.



ABOVE: Most of the large trees on the east end are either black walnuts, or the much rarer butternuts, a/k/a white walnuts.


ABOVE AND BELOW:  The hidden meadow.



ABOVE AND BELOW: The creek in very early spring.


The following pictures are of the greenspace at JFF








Legal Description:





Mail Delivery:


Deed Restrictions:

This property is subject only to Eight Basic Restrictions

  1. This Property, if occupied, shall not be used for other than farming and single-family residential purposes. No more than one dwelling may be placed on any parcel.
    This does not exclude bed-and-breakfast establishments, home businesses that do not require on-site advertising, or attached multi-generation housing.

  2. Mobile homes are not permitted. All other homes of any size, any type, any style or any construction may be placed on the property so long as the following items have been installed prior to the beginning of construction:

    1.  A drilled well meeting State standards.
    2.  A State-compliant septic system, such as a septic tank, or composting system, excepting sewage lagoons, which are not permitted.
    3.  Perimeter fencing of all unfenced boundaries, Fences must be constructed of minimum 3-inch steel-tube welded corners, “t”-posts and any choice of barbed or woven wire. Where the actual perimeter can not or should not be fenced, modifications may be made by agreement with the Owners. 
    Here is an exaple:


  3. Camping for more than 21 days in a twelve-month period is not permitted.
    This does not include living temporarily on the parcel when a home is under construction.
  4. No construction, other than fencing, shall take place within the boundaries of building setbacks and utility easements as defined in the Official Plat of Jack’s Fork Farmsteads. No flags, banners or signs other than signs to identify the owner and/or address of the parcel, or signs advertising the parcel for sale, are permitted between the building setbacks and the road. Fences must not encroach upon the road easements, which extend 25 feet from the road centerline.

  5. No parcel of the Property as the same shall appear on the Official Plat of Jack’s Fork Farmsteads may be further subdivided.

  6. Waste materials must be kept in closed containers at all times and removed from the property regularly. Parcels must be kept free of refuse, debris, and rubbish, and the burying of refuse, debris or rubbish is not permitted.

  7. Any animals kept on this property shall be maintained in such a manner that they do not present a nuisance to owners of neighboring properties. Feedlots are not permitted.

  8. All wastewater treatment facilities, whether septic system, composting system or outhouse, must be constructed in accordance with all federal, state and local standards. Sewage lagoons are not permitted.
    You can get the specifics from the Texas County Health Department.


Building Codes and/or Permits:


Driving Directions to Locate Jacks Fork Farmstead Parcel X :

From Willow Springs, drive north on State Highway 137 exactly 9.0 miles after you pass the city limits, the property begins on your left. At the top of the next hill and BEFORE you begin down the long downgrade to the S. Jacks Fork River, you'll see the entrance on your left. . Follow this road through a concrete cattle guard and you're inside JFF.  From there, continue downhill until you come to the creek.  Parcel X is on your right.  You can park on it and you won't be far from the spring.

(Caution: We do not have signage up yet.)

GPS:   :  

Lon. -91.873727° 

Lat. 37.091371°


Disclaimer:  These directions are accurate to the best of our knowledge but cannot be guaranteed.  Visit this property at your own risk, we are not responsible for accidents.





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8.41 acres - $55,900

Monthly Payment - $566.9



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