Cherry Creek Parcel 3



3.5 acres - $22,900

Monthly Payment: $232.27

You know how simple and uncomplicated things used to be? What do you suppose are the odds that they’ll get any simpler, or any less complicated in future years? Slim to none, right?

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not one of those Luddite types who revs up his bizzillion-gigahertz, telescoping, low-sodium laptop to get on the world-wide-web and wail about wanting to get back to the good ol’ Stone Age. I love being alive in this day and age.

But… now, more than ever, a fellow needs a place to go at the end of the day when he feels like modern society has sucked the marrow out of his bones; some place that doesn’t beep, or flash, or walk-don’t-walk: a place where he can achieve personal tranquility any time his heart desires.

Someplace like This Week’s Featured Property, an end-of-the-road property beyond the end of the power-line with a small crystalline stream flowing along its north and east boundaries.
This is no free lunch of course: the access road is long (a mile from pavement) and rough; you really should have 4WD if you want to get up the steep hills during snowy or icy weather. Once you get back there though, it’s your own little world and a really beautiful one at that.

There’s plenty of level ground to build or garden, the west boundary line has been surveyed, and Rolla, Missouri and Fort Leonard Wood are, respectively, 27.5 and 31.2 miles away.




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  • 3.5 acres

Legal Description:

  • CHERRY CREEK PARCEL 3: All that part of the South Half of the South Half of the Northeast Quarter of the Northeast Quarter and all that part of the North Half of the North Half of the Southeast Quarter of the Northeast Quarter lying south and west of the centerline of the creek thereon. All in Section 22, Township 34 North, Range 9 West


  • We will pass Fee Simple Title to the purchaser conveying 100% of the ownership of the property including all timber, mineral and water rights.  We own this property free and clear of all tax liens, judgments mortgages or other encumbrances.  As purchaser, you are not assuming any existing liens.  We will record a Warranty Deed to the property in your name after you have made six monthly payments.


  • Access from Highway K is by a gravel road on 40 and 50 foot easements.  Maintenance of this road is the responsibility of the land-owners.


  • Water:
    • We do not supply water or water systems to any of these properties.  Purchasers of these parcels need to arrange to drill their own private water well. For information on drilling procedures you should contact local well drillers which are listed in the yellow pages of local phone books or we will recommend some to you.Current prices charged by local well drillers run around $8 per foot to drill and $9-13 per foot to install a 6 inch casing.  Missouri law requires a minimum of 80 feet of casing in all locations and more in some. The estimated cost of a complete well, casing and pump system in this area is $7,500. Permits are not required to drill water wells for single family dwellings; however you are required to hire a state-licensed well driller.

  • Electric:
    • Electrical service is on the parcel.  Intercounty Electric Cooperative, Licking, MO 65542, 1-866-621-3679 provides electricity to Cherry Creek.  Electrical hook-up is free to permanent residences; however charges could change at any time.

  • Telephone and Internet:
    • Telephone and internet services are provided to Cherry Creek by CenturyLink1-800-201-4099.   For cell phone service, we recommend US Cellular and for internet, a satellite provider.

  • Septic:
    • We do not provide any means of sewage disposal for these properties. Being in a rural area, the most common methods of sewage disposal are by individual on-site septic tanks, however composting toilets and out-houses are permitted.

    • The Missouri Department of Natural Resources has given general approval for this usage of this site for individual sewage treatment systems.

    • Septic systems must be constructed in accordance with County and State standards, and you must obtain permission from thePhelps County Health Department, 200 N. Main Suite G51, Rolla, MO 65401, (573) 458-6010 to install a septic tank. The average cost of a septic tank and drain field is $3500.

  • Gas:
    • Propane gas is available from local dealers.

  • Mail Delivery:
    • Mail is delivered to Cherry Creek on Hwy. K.  To establish a mailbox there, contact the postmaster at Rolla Post Office.

Deed Restrictions:

  1.  No parcel or lot of the property shall be further subdivided.

  2. The property or any parcel thereof, shall be used only for single family residential dwellings and no building, except as is otherwise herein set forth, shall be constructed on the property except single family dwellings.

    No apartments. No trailer parks. No convenience stores. No factories.

  3. Only one single family dwelling may be constructed on each subdivided parcel of the Property.

    If it requires an extra well and/or septic system, it's not a single family dwelling. This does not exclude guest cottages.

  4. Each single family dwelling constructed on the property shall have a fully enclosed living area exclusive of carports, garages, unfinished basements or open porches of at least 1000 square feet.

    We are not enforcing this restriction.

  5. No mobile home, trailer, basement house or shack shall be erected upon or placed upon any parcel. Modular homes are permitted provided that they are permanently affixed to a reinforced concrete foundation, have a gable style roof, have a permanently attached entry porch, and comply with the provisions of Paragraph 4 above.

    Travel trailers and campers are permitted for temporary camping if they remain mobile, that is licensed and movable, but you can't live in them permanently. We encourage geodesic domes, post and beam, passive and active solar and new and innovative techniques that employ sound building practices for this climate.

  6. Utility buildings, detached garages for housing vehicles owned by occupants of single family dwellings, greenhouses and barns may be constructed on the property.

  7. No part of the property shall be used for what is commonly known as a "used car lot" or motor vehicle salvage yard or any other type of junk yard and no "junk" motor vehicles or inoperable motor vehicles shall be stored or parked on any part of the property unless enclosed in a building or garage.

    There are places for junk, we suppose, this just isn't one of them.

  8. No building, including livestock corrals, may be located within fifty feet of the property lines or 100 feet of the access road of any parcel of the property.

    Cherry Creek will never look like a suburban subdivision. Don't crowd your boundaries and you and your neighbor will get along better.

  9. No swine shall be kept on any part of the property.

    Yes, we know that they are naturally very clean animals, but as they are kept by most people requires larger acreage than this.

  10. No noxious or offensive activity shall be carried on upon the property, nor shall anything be done on the property which may be or become an annoyance or nuisance to any property owner benefited by these restrictions; provided, however, that this restriction shall not prevent the pasturing of horses or cattle (or smaller animals) on the property so long as no feedlot is maintained.

    We're trying to encourage rural and small-farm activities and eliminate stinky, illegal, dangerous things like fiberglass resin manufacturing, methamphetimine production and toxic wastes.

  11. No commercial activities will be conducted on any part of the property; provided that offices for professional services not involving the sale of merchandise may be maintained in a single family dwelling and agricultural uses shall not be deemed commercial uses.

    Generally speaking, if it doesn't require a parking lot or display advertising, or disrupt anyone else's lifestyle, it's okay with us.

  12. No commercial breeding or boarding kennels for dogs or cats shall be constructed or permitted on any part of the property.
    The key word here is "commercial" but if you have enough dogs that constant barking can be heard hundreds of feet away, consider buying somewhere else. Frankly, I'm not sure why we mentioned cats.

  13. Each single family dwelling constructed on any parcel of the property shall be equipped with a waste water treatment facility and soil absorption facility or a sanitary sewage lagoon which complies with all the rules and regulations of the Missouri Department of Natural Resources and the Phelps County Commission. Such facility and any drain fields and laterals used in connection therewith or such lagoon shall be located at least 50 feet from the nearest property line of any parcel of the Property, and effluent from such facility or lagoon shall be contained within the lot lines of the parcel. Evidence of certification of the property installation of the facility or lagoon by a registered professional engineer or representative of the Phelps county Health Department shall be provided upon request to the owner or owners of any land adjoining a parcel of the Property on which such facility or lagoon is located.

    You'll need to provide septic tank or sewage lagoon that meets state standards, You have to obey Missouri State and Phelps County laws. Duh. Composting systems are permitted and encouraged.

  14. If construction of a dwelling or construction of an outbuilding is started on the Property, the construction shall be carried on through to completion within one year from the beginning of construction.

    That's completion of the exterior.

  15. No signs shall be placed on any part of the Property except for signs not larger than two feet by two feet containing the name and address of the occupant of the parcel of the Property and/or the name of the profession of the occupant of the parcel. This restriction shall not apply to the usual "For Sale" signs where a parcel of property is being offered for sale.

    No 40-foot flashing neon.

  16. No owner or possessor of any parcel of the property shall begin construction of any dwelling or any other building on the parcel of property until such owner or possessor has installed a driveway between the road servicing the parcel and the parcel with a culvert at least twenty feet in length and twelve inches in diameter and with a road surface composed of a two inch layer of one inch base rock twelve feet in width and for a distance of at least 100 feet into the parcel from the road servicing the parcel.

    Without a culvert, the water flows out of the ditches and onto the roadway, which softens and quickly ruins our access roads. Bad for everyone. As for the gravel, you'll thank us for this when the spring rains come. This whole package should cost around $400-500 professionally installed. Do-it-yourself for around half that in materials.


  • $80 (estimated)

Building Codes and/or Permits:

  • Phelps County does not issue building permits and no building codes are in effect. The County Health Department must approve your septic system.



Driving Directions to Locate Cherry Creek Parcel 3:

From Licking or Rolla:

Cherry Creek is located on Highway K off Highway 63 which is about 9 miles north of Licking and about 23 miles south of Rolla. When you find Highway K, turn west (that’s the only choice) and you’ll find Cherry Creek 2 miles further on your right. Turn in to the right off of K Highway, then immediately take a left turn, that road runs west for 1/4-mile, then turns north. Stay on this road until you get to the very end.


1. These directions are accurate to the best of our knowledge but cannot be guaranteed. Visit this property at your own risk, we are not responsible for accidents.
2. We get the GPS coordinates from Google Earth. The likelihood of them being absolutely correct is minimal. Therefore...
3. Do not attempt to find this property without taking paper copies of our maps and directions.



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3.5 acres - $22,900

Monthly Payment: $232.27


  • No Down Payment.  Just make the first monthly payment and we'll have a contract package on it's way to you.
  • You get a Warranty Deed to the property after six months' timely payments.
  • 9% simple interest: 180 months to pay.
  • No penalty for pre-payment in any amount, at any time.
  • 15% discount for cash.

Initial and subsequent payments may be made online by credit / debit card, or by mail. * 

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