Misty Springs Parcel 31



3.72 forested acres  -  $36,900
Monthly payment:   $374.26

Misty Springs Parcel 31, which is 3.72 acres (we just had new survey done). Near the very back of Misty Spring, the parcel is all wooded and about half of its area is reasonably level. Note that this area still looks very natural because all the electric lines are underground in the center of the access road, and the water-line is buried there, too. There’s a community well that you can hook up to. The property is subject to a handful of common-sense restrictions to assure that the property values remain high while allowing you to build any sort of home you want, of any size and style (except mobile homes).

You should take a look at this parcel before you buy it, because you’ll be completely amazed that such a place exists within a 30-minute drive of two of the Ozarks' most-visited cities. If that’s not enough, Parcel 31 is way back near the end of the road, so you can enjoy serious, peace-and-quiet rural living, and still be able to access colleges, major shopping centers, and all the country-western music your achy-breaky heart can stand.

You can find driving directions, as well as lots of photos, maps, and a complete collection of absolutely everything you could possibly want to know about this property, on our website. Check it out, you may never see a property like this for sale at an affordable price and terms again.

























  • 3.72 acres

Legal Description:

  • MISTY SPRINGS PARCEL 31: All that part of the Southwest Quarter of the Northeast Quarter  of the Southeast Quarter lying west of the center-line of the access road designated Sassafras Ridge Drive in Section 4, Township 24 North, Range 23 West.


  • We will pass Fee Simple Title to the purchaser conveying 100% of the ownership of the property including all timber, mineral and water rights.
  • We own this property free and clear of all tax liens, judgments mortgages or other encumbrances. As purchaser, you are not assuming any existing liens.
  • We will record a Warranty Deed to the property in your name after you have made six monthly payments


  • Parcel 31 at Misty Springs is accessed from Mo. Highway 176 by Misty Springs Road, a narrow gravel road maintained by the landowners.


  • Water:
    • Parcel 31 is served by a multi-family well currently under our domain, which has been shut down.  When you are ready to hook your home up to the well and run your water-line to the center of the access road, we will bring the well online at our expense.  After that, we will issue you a share in the well, and establish a fund to keep the pump insured.  Your expenses will be your share of the cost of electricity to the pump and insurance.

  • Electric:
    • We do not provide electric service to Misty Springs. Electrical service to Misty Springs will be provided by Ozark Electric Cooperative P.O. Box 420 Mt. Vernon, Missouri 65712 (417)466-2144.
      Construction of the electrical system may begin as soon as needed. Power lines are at the front gate. There is a $21 extension charge to permanent residences. You will also have to provide a 4-foot trench from the nearest electric service.

  • Telephone and Internet:
  • Septic:
    • We do not provide any means of sewage disposal for these properties. Being in a rural area, the most common methods of sewage disposal are by individual on-site septic tanks, however composting toilets and out-houses are permitted.
    • The Missouri Department of Natural Resources has given general approval for this usage of this site for individual sewage treatment systems.
    • Septic systems must be constructed in accordance with County and State standards, and you must obtain permission from the Stone County Health Department, 109 E 4th St. Galena, MO. 65656, (417)-357-6134 to install a septic tank. The average cost of a septic tank and drain field is $3500.

  • Gas:
    • Propane gas is available from local dealers.

  • Mail Delivery
    • Mail is delivered to Misty Springs on Misty Springs Road. To establish a mailbox there, contact the postmaster at the Galena Post Office.

Deed Restrictions:
These Misty Springs Covenants were put in place back in 1990 and require some updating and explanation. No other Ozark Land Co. property has these restrictions.

Misty Springs Restrictive Covenants

  1. This tract, if occupied, shall not be used for other than private, single family residential purposes. No more than one dwelling may be constructed on any parcel. No commercial or business activities are allowed except that a professional office or studio may be maintained within a residence.
  2. All homes constructed on this tract shall be complete on their exterior within 180 days from the date construction is begun. Before construction of any home, one copy of the working drawings, including floor plans and elevations, shall be filed with Woods & Waters. All construction shall be roofed and sided with accepted exterior materials.
    We no longer require these drawings.

  3. No mobile homes are permitted except as temporary residences during construction. Non-permanent living quarters such as mobile homes, travel trailers, campers etc. may not be parked or situated on a vacant parcel for more than 180 days in one calendar year. ... Unless covered.

  4. No construction, other than fencing, shall take place within 30 feet of a parcel boundary or within 100 feet of an access road. Woods & Waters Inc. reserves the right to waive this requirement in the presence of certain extenuating circumstances.
  5. Any natural streams or springs on this property may not be dammed or re-routed and no foreign substances may be introduced into the waters thereof.
    There is a small pond which leaks on the property. Fixing that pond, or damming the adjacent hollow would NOT violate this covenant.

  6. No parcel shall be further subdivided beyond the divisions Wood & Waters has registered with the Office of Interstate Land Sales, United States Department of Housing and Urban Development.
    Woods & Waters Inc. is an earlier name for the principles of Ozark Land Company. HUD no longer regulates Misty Springs.

  7. Waste materials must be kept in closed containers at all times. Parcels must be kept free of refuse, debris and rubbish. No derelict vehicles may be kept on any parcel unless kept in an enclosed garage.

  8. Any animals kept on the property shall be maintained in such a manner as not to present a nuisance to owners of neighboring properties. Livestock must not exceed in numbers those required for personal consumption, and must not be allowed to contaminate natural streams or springs.

  9. That all wastewater treatment facilities shall be constructed in accordance the engineering report and with Missouri Department of Natural Resources water quality standards for any given residence built here. It will be the land-owner's responsibility to assure that such facilities shall be certified by a qualified health official or professional engineer.

  10. No living trees with a stump diameter of eight inches or greater may be cut, killed or removed from any parcel except if need be to allow the construction of a principal dwelling.
    This still allows for all the firewood you'll ever need from smaller and dead wood.

  11. No trapping of wild animals is permitted on this property, except the live trapping and subsequent relocation of nuisance animals as may be required.


  • $50.00 estimated

Building Codes and/or Permits:

Stone County Zoning and Planning does require building permits.

The County Health Department must approve your septic system.



Driving Directions to Locate Misty Springs Parcel 31:

The Misty Springs entrance is hard to spot, but it is opposite a trailer park 5.6 miles from the intersection of 160 and 176 south of .  You’ll go through Abesville and past State Road V.  On the south side of the road, that is, the left side as you're coming from Springfield, is the front gate, but it’s hard to see because the Misty Springs road angles back sharply.  So look for the trailer park on your right, and when you get there, slow down while looking to the left.  Once you're on the drive (Misty Springs Road) the parcel coordinates below are a bit more than a half-mile from the highway entrance.


the parcel road frontage begins at :  

Lat. 36.808144° 

Lon. -93.417960°

Disclaimer:  These directions are accurate to the best of our knowledge but cannot be guaranteed.  Visit this property at your own risk, we are not responsible for accidents.



Buy This Parcel

3.72 forested acres  -  $36,900

Monthly payment:   $374.26


  • No Down Payment. 
  • Just make the first monthly payment and we'll have a contract package on it's way to you.
  • You get a Warranty Deed to the property after six months' timely payments.
  • 9% simple interest: 180 months to pay. 
  • No penalty for pre-payment in any amount, at any time.
  • 15% discount for cash.


Initial and subsequent payments may be made online by credit / debit card, or by mail. * 

Please read the directions carefully.

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