Chapel Road 2.14 Acres



2.14 acres - $25,900

Monthly Payment: $262.70

We’re selling this property as 2.14 acres, but in fact it is actually 2.29 acres because the southeast corner is on the far side of Highway 137. (You’re probably having fantasies of setting up your very own toll-booth already.)The location is 7 miles north of Willow Springs, Missouri.

Despite the fact that this land fronts on both the state highway and a peaceful county-maintained road, the terrain is pretty steep. Chapel Road runs north along the western boundary. From that frontage, the parcel descends quickly into a narrow valley, then there’s another steep hill up to the east fence, where you have a truly inspiring view across the rolling hills leading toward the South Jacks Fork Valley. Owing to this wild terrain, there are scenic views all around, and you can see 95% of the property from the building spot.

“The building spot?,” you ask. There’s really only one location on the parcel that you’d say was buildable by conventional means: the southwest corner. That area is covered with lots of flowering shrubs and perennials dating back to when an early Ozark cabin was located here, Electricity and land-line phone/DSL are already on the property. There’s also a small pond in that area, as well as two more stock ponds in the center and east of the property.

This land carries no deed restrictions, so long as you drill a modern well before taking up residence.











the west side

ABOVE: The west end of the property, where the land fronts on Chapel Road is the only really buildable area.

facing east from the building site

ABOVE: This photo was taken standing on the leveler area in the west end.  The field shown looks level, but it’s actually much steeper than it appears.  Note the east end of the property in the background.  The middle pond is in the hollow below.

steep slope to the center

ABOVE: Just above the middle pond looking back to the west.

The building site

ABOVE: The west pond.

the east pond

ABOVE: The east pond.

the east side

ABOVE: Looking back to the west from the east pond.

the middle pond

 ABOVE: The middle pond.

the southwest corner

ABOVE: The southwest corner where Highway 137 meets Chapel Road.

the west pond

ABOVE: More of the east end.


ABOVE: The highway intersection in June.

ABOVE: The frontage on State Highway 137 facing west toward town.


ABOVE: More west end in June.


ABOVE: Chapel Road.


ABOVE: These Mimosa trees make the west end nice and shady in summer.


ABOVE: I took this photo standing in the extreme southeast corner looking northeast.  This is a large cattle ranch adjoining the property’s east side.  This view gives you a pretty good idea of what the neighborhood looks like.



  • 2.14 acres fully surveyed and staked

Legal Description:

  • Two acres off the south end of all that part of the Southeast Quarter of the Northwest Quarter of Section 26, Township 28 North, Range 9 West, lying east of the centerline of the county road. And a part of the Northeast Quarter of the Southwest Quarter of Section 26, Township 28 North, Range 9 West of the 5th P.M., lying North of Missouri Highway No. 137, described as follows; Commencing at the Northeast corner of the Southwest Quarter of said Section 26: thence N 86°35’08” W 525.16 feet along the North line of said Northeast Quarter of the Southwest Quarter to the centerline of Chapel Road, as located September, 2015 for the true place of beginning; thence S 14°03'24" W 10.96 feet along said centerline to the Northerly right of way line of Missouri Highway No.137, as located September, 2015; thence S 83°49'37" E 13.33 feet, and S 06°10'23" W 40.00 feet, and S 83°49'37" E 34.20 feet, and along a curve turning to the left with an arc length of 232.37 feet, with a radius of 789.00 feet, with a chord bearing of N 87°40'29" E with a chord length of 231.53 feet, and N 09°44’35” W 24.29 feet, and along a curve turning to the left with an arc length of 23.84 feet, with a radius of 764.00 feet, with a chord bearing of N 78°20’00” E with a chord length of 23.84 feet, all along said Northerly right of way line to the North line of said Northeast Quarter of the Southwest Quarter; thence N 86°35’08” W 291.39 feet along said North line to the true place of beginning. Subject to all easements of record. Subject to Chapel Road right of way. Description as per Survey C-7989-R made by Carmack Surveying, Inc.


  • We will pass Fee Simple Title to the purchaser conveying 100% of the ownership of the property including all timber, mineral and water rights.  We own this property free and clear of all tax liens, judgments mortgages or other encumbrances.  As purchaser, you are not assuming any existing liens.  We will record a Warranty Deed to the property in your name after you have made six monthly payments.


  • Access from Highway 137 is by, Chapel Road, a county maintained road.


  • Water:
    • We do not supply water or water systems to any of these properties.  Purchasers of these parcels need to arrange to drill their own private water well.  For information on drilling procedures you should contact local well drillers which are listed in the yellow pages of local phone books or we will recommend some to you.  Current prices charged by local well drillers run around $8 per foot to drill and $9-13 per foot to install a 6 inch casing.  Missouri law requires a minimum of 80 feet of casing in all locations and more in some.  The estimated cost of a complete well, casing and pump system in this area is $7,500.  Permits are not required to drill water wells for single family dwellings; however you are required to hire a state-licensed well driller.

  • Electric:
    • Electrical service has been extended to the south end of the the parcel.  Howell-Oregon Electric Cooperative, West Plains, MO 65775, (417) 256-2131 provides electricity to Chapel Road.  Electrical hook-up is free to any permanent residence with a drilled well and permanent foundation.

  • Telephone and Internet:
    • Telephone and internet services are provided to Chapel Road by CenturyLink1-800-201-4099.   For cell phone service, we recommend US Cellular and for internet, a satellite provider.

  • Septic:
    • We do not provide any means of sewage disposal for these properties. Being in a rural area, the most common methods of sewage disposal are by individual on-site septic tanks, however composting toilets and out-houses are permitted.

    • The Missouri Department of Natural Resources has given general approval for this usage of this site for individual sewage treatment systems.

    • Septic systems must be constructed in accordance with County and State standards, and you must obtain permission from the Texas County Health Department, 950 N. Highway 63, Houston, MO 65483, (417) 967-4131, to install a septic tank. The average cost of a septic tank and drain field is $3500.

  • Gas:
    • Propane gas is available from local dealers.

  • Mail Delivery:
    • Mail is delivered to Chapel Road.  To establish a mailbox there, contact the postmaster at Willow Springs Post Office.

Deed Restrictions:

  • This property carries no deed restrictions, so long as you agree to drill a modern well before taking up residence.


  • $50 (estimated)

Building Codes and/or Permits:

  • Texas County does not issue building permits and no building codes are in effect. The County Health Department must approve your septic system.



Driving Directions to Locate Chapel Road 2.14 Acres:

 From Willow Springs, drive north on State Highway 137 exactly 7.0 miles after you pass the city limits, to Chapel Road on your left. The property begins immediatly on your right once you are on Chapel Road.


the parcel begins on the southwest corner at :

37° 04' 24.67" N
91° 54' 04.09" W
to the northwest corner at:
37° 04' 27.00" N
91° 54' 03.63" W

Disclaimer:  These directions are accurate to the best of our knowledge but cannot be guaranteed.  Visit this property at your own risk, we are not responsible for accidents.



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2.14 acres - $25,900

Monthly Payment: $262.70


  • No Down Payment.  Just make the first monthly payment and we'll have a contract package on it's way to you.
  • You get a Warranty Deed to the property after six months' timely payments.
  • 9% simple interest: 180 months to pay.
  • No penalty for pre-payment in any amount, at any time.
  • 15% discount for cash.

Initial and subsequent payments may be made online by credit / debit card, or by mail. * 

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Please read the directions carefully.

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